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TANYA is a collaboration project with Thai local motorcycle brand. STALLIONS is a motorcycle brand found since 2009, serve a consumer and custom bike base in Bangkok. From a common passion and interest,  DOTS studio and STALLIONS are team up create an electric transportation project call TANYA. 

new conceptual for electric transportation platform. To bring a sense of motorcycle lover and experience of riding to a users. It’s not just a transportation, but more like passions object. Cities in around the world like Bangkok are facing similar issue such a limitation of public transport forcing us to use a private car therefore the motorcycle, It is very popular in South east asia and the rest of the world.

The environments and energy consuming have to be concern, still vehicle industry have to invent a way that environmental friendly vehicles and also maintain the balance with style and design thinking. 

We want to be a part that resources this world. Electric powered motorcycles are one solution.

With the current global trends, the EV- electric vehicle is starting to replace the fossil fuels. It is considered a trend that is coming and responds to the concept of BCG.

dots studio and STALLIONS created a platform of motorcycles that can meet about driving for everyday life and lifestyle of riding experience.

Believe that the product, in addition to responding to the use and basic functions response to emotions. Appearance and lifestyle also affect choice and help attract people to use it.

From the insights of the new group of bicycle and motorcycle users, it was found that they chose to use it because seen as a cool lifestyle and have a passion for these It's no different from buying. decorations or home decoration In other words, it was chosen because of “Feeling in love”.

Of course, the design concept of TANYA EV is a combination of functional and lifestyle.

Environmental friendly production processes are selected with light weight and 100% recyclable aluminium, the production process that is crafted and uses a skilled craftsmanship.

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A New Concept for city transportation 

Ride The Design, Ride With Style 

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