Dots design studio is a full service product design, and combines the knowledge from marketing perspective and design perspective. We are team of designers, communication designer, interior and strategist, which can have a broader view in any project.

Our design approach is mainly focused on experimental process of various materials, such as metal, wood, etc. We are enthusiastic in pushing them beyond their limitation both conceptually and functionally in order to achieve our aspiration of creating new design dialect.

At Dots, we deliver tangible market solutions with highly strategic creative by deep understanding the consumer and creating effective design solution. While brand thinking is a part of our vision, we aim to finding and elaborate insights information from client to be a brand strategy to build your brand, earn customer loyalty and maximize
your investment. 

International Award Winner 

A full function website is coming soon.








89/1 Techa Wanit Rd, Bang Sue, Bangkok, THAILAND 10800

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